About us

Homa Immigration Center with 16 years of specialized activity in the field of education, obtaining the highest ranks, receiving admission from prestigious universities and receiving the most scholarships is one of our honors during these years.

Academic counseling at all levels

Academic counseling at all levels

Obtaining a language certificate

English, German, Turkish, Russian

Obtaining a diploma

in all disciplines

Official representative of universities and schools

Turkey, Italy, Canada, Germany, England, Russia, America

It is part of Homa's services

In 1387, in line with the expansion of education beyond the borders of Iran, Homa went towards the establishment of educational centers so that today she can advise and teach more than 6000 students and draw a bright and prosperous future for them with their own company.

Homa It is one of the subgroups of Mad Holding and has been serving students for many years by providing extensive services and a brilliant history. Homa working group has been working to improve the level of education and scientific progress of its clients for more than 16 years. In all these years, having schools in all levels of education, scientific academies, consulting services, holding large scientific conferences throughout Iran, attracting countless numbers of students and guiding them to the best path, a great way to advance scientific goals. Everyone has been Acquiring top academic ranks, success in various scientific fields, including Olympiads, scientific competitions, gifted test, and countless other honors in Homa's record are like a sun shining in the sky of knowledge of this border and the sky. Now, relying on the experiences of successful years and in the direction of excellence and progress, with steady steps in European countries It will continue the path to make it easier for Iran's children to reach international academic degrees.

This collection was founded by the Pushin family and is operating in different countries with the help of colleagues who each have higher education and scientific experience in different educational fields.