American English File

The American English File book series is a six-level series published by Oxford Publishing. This collection is one of the best collections ever published for teaching American English to adults. The present collection is used in many language teaching institutions in the country.

Each American English File book has between 10 and 12 lessons, in each lesson the most focus is on the three parts of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. One of the most important strengths of this series is that it is very suitable for strengthening speaking skills (conversation), although this series also deals with three other skills (listening, writing and reading comprehension skills).

The six levels of the American English File book series include a Starter book and books No. 1 to 5, in terms of difficulty, Starter level is the lowest level and Level No. 5 is the highest level. Each level of this collection includes a student’s book (with audio fables), a workbook (with audio fables), a teacher’s book and several types of educational videos.

Contents of the book:

بانک گرامر

تمرینات گرامر

بانک واژگان

بخش مکالمات

بخش لغات و عبارات برای یادگیری

بخش مرور و دوره دروس

بخش متون فایل های صوتی

بخش افعال بی قاعده

بخش فونتیک ها و آواها

بانک صداها به انگلیسی