yeni istanbul A1

This book has 6 units and will be completed in 3 semesters.

Content of unit 1:
Turkish alphabet, demonstrative pronouns, plural suffixes, first interrogative suffix


🔹️ The learner should be able to read and write the learned words and some short sentences easily after completing the first unit.

Getting to know and introduce yourself

Make sentences with demonstrative pronouns

🔹️ ask questions about person and place with reference pronouns according to the question suffixes that he has learned.

Sum up the words (nouns) he has learned

Unit 2 content:
Learning conjunctions in, existence, numbers, order of numbers (first, second, etc.), construction of noun sentences


🔹 The language learner should be able to express the existence of objects and.. in a place and.

🔹️ according to the conjunction in the sentence

Count the numbers and tell the order of the numbers

🔹️ can make noun sentences

Unit content 3
Learning the first tense (simple present tense), conjunction to, conjunction of, verb


🔹️ Making sentences with verbs in the simple present tense

🔹 Expression of daily activities and events

Content of unit 4
Subjunctive and superlative suffixes, country and nationality, family members, passive pronouns


🔹️ Knowing family members

🔹️ Expression of nationality and country of oneself and others

🔹️ making sentences with addition and addition according to the suffixes learned

Making sentences according to learned pronouns

Unit 5 content:
hours, conjunctions kadar and beri, adverbs of time before and after, definite past tense


Expressing hours and minutes formally and informally

🔹️ Making a sentence in the past tense

🔹️ Making a sentence with the adverbs before and after the first and sonra

🔹️ Making sentences with conjunctions kadar and beri

Unit 6 content:
Completing noun sentences, suffix ki, compare


🔹️ making full noun sentences

🔹️ Making sentences with the suffix ki and comparing objects, people, etc. in any way

Contents of the book:

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