yeni istanbul C1

In this book, students are dealing with general information from the past to the present, and they are taught the information in the form of Turkish language, and all the things they have been taught are reminded again in this book, and in each unit, there are various materials in the form of audio to strengthen the language. There is writing and reading.

Unit 1
Time goes by!

Time measurement, time of clock invention, children of science and knowledge, 24 hours and…

Unit 2

Famous lovers, chemistry of love, secret of love, famous lovers and their letters

Unit 3
Don’t leave your cartoon to chance!

Surprises of life, games of fate, bird of happiness, those who won and then lost the biggest prize, backgammon and chess, diamond necklace

Unit 4
I have an excuse

Daily life, work life, wishes and complaints, what do those who hire people pay attention to in a job interview, Fatih Sultan Mohammad in the court

Unit 5
Like a film strip

Movie mechanics, award-winner, classics and series, Turkish series that are broadcast in other countries

Unit 6
The world of information

Knowledge, knowledge and document management, house of science, knowledge and knowledge, information technology, information society and universities

Unit 7
Art is for art

What is art, types of art, eastern and western arts, Turkish decorative arts

Unit 8
crime and punishment

Crime and psychology (emotions), being a criminal, crime, punishment and justice, crime and social life, what is crime, what is justice, the price of captivity

Unit 9
smile to life

What is humor, types of humor, masters of humor, humor opens every door,

Unit 10
under the pillow

Money, economic life, savings, money from yesterday to today, historical development of inflation in Turkey, saving methods for students

Unit 11
world, world

How a world, today’s world, other worlds, our world, what is global warming, from the world to March

Unit 12
The media of the fourth force

Media, power of media, social media, consumption of social media by young people, connection issues, addiction to media and internet

Contents of the book:

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