Bachelor’s education level and important points about it

Degrees abroad are graded exactly the same as in Iran. One of these degrees is the Bachelor degree, in this section you will find useful information about this level of education.

Bachelor’s degree

The “Bachelorius” or “Bachelor” degree is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the higher education system of European and American countries. In this educational system, after finishing high school and passing the entrance exam, students can enroll in the Bachelor’s degree course.

In the bachelor’s degree, students study for 3 to 5 years in various fields, including basic sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences, etc. After the end of this course, students obtain a bachelor’s degree in their field of study and can continue their studies at higher levels such as master’s and doctorate or enter the job market directly.

You should know that this degree is offered in America, Canada, Europe and many other countries under different names and standards.

After completing the bachelor’s course, students can obtain a bachelor’s degree in their field of study and continue their education at higher levels or enter the job market directly.

Usually, students who want to study in foreign countries must first submit their bachelor’s degree in order to be able to study at higher levels. Also, this degree is one of the important degrees in obtaining good and lucrative jobs.

In the following, we have mentioned a number of popular fields in the bachelor’s degree:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng)
  • Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm)
  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A)
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)
  • Licentiate degree

In conclusion, it should be said…

In this section, we tried to talk about the Bachelor degree and the conditions and education in this degree. In the Homa team, we will help you to get admission in the study course of your choice as easily as possible and start studying. It is enough to call us and get help from consulting services.