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English is taught in many countries around the world, so knowing how to teach and learn English carries great importance.
Learning English will improve the quality of your life.
By mastering the English language, new doors from the world of science and knowledge will open up to you, because you will always be able to extract the new data in the world surrounding you.
According to the United Nations announcement; English is one of the official languages of this organization.
English is the first language in many countries of the world including: The U.S , The U.K , New Zealand, Australia and Canada.
Learning English will make it possible for anyone to have unlimited access to the world of science and technology and also get familiar with new cultures, international businesses and build connections out of their borders. It will also help you raise your confidence by improving your social skills and IQ.
Homa educational group has experienced, expert advisors who will give you the best possible guidance on your language learning journey which is according to your potentials and capabilities.
One noticeable advantage you get in our educational group is that all language learners are provided with additional support to help them raise the quality of their learning which is known as “Hamyar” in Farsi, meaning supporter.

According to the United Nations, English is one of the 6 official languages of this organization. English is known as the mother tongue of many countries, including the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada, etc. Learning English creates unlimited access to the world of science and technology, familiarity with the cultures of different societies, international jobs and businesses, as well as cross-border communication. Also, by increasing people’s communication skills and IQ, it strengthens their self-confidence.

Homa’s training team will promise the best results for you by having excellent and expert consultants and scheduling based on your abilities and current level.

One of the advantages of our educational team is having an assistant. Every language learner will benefit from the help of his assistant in education, in addition to having a teacher.

Descriptions of thermic (normal), thermic (intensive) conversation courses and private courses:

In Homa school, English conversation training courses are thermical (normal).

Thermal (intensive) and private is designed for two age groups, teenagers and adults, and is for people over 12 years old. The total number of conversation courses for teenagers and adults at Homa School is 24 semesters.

IELTS test preparation courses are held only privately.

During the conversation courses, the third edition of the American English File book series is used for teaching. In the IELTS courses, the Mindset for IELTS book series will be taught.

During the term conversation courses, which are 24 semesters, all six volumes of American English books are taught, and at the end of each educational semester, the level of the learner is evaluated through written and oral tests. It should be noted that the evaluation is only It is not done at the end of the course, during the course, the learning of the language learner is checked by the assistant of the school, and timely pathology and providing solutions are done at the end of learning at a high level.

English conversation training in term courses is provided according to the educational calendar of Homa school and according to the students' conditions in the following packages:

Group classes 3 days a week

(Saturday-Monday-Wednesday) each session for 90 minutes.

Group classes 2 days a week

(Sunday-Tuesday) each session for 120 minutes.

Weekend group classes

(Thursdays or Fridays) each two sessions of 120 minutes with 15 minutes of rest between sessions.

Group classes 3 days a week

(Saturday-Monday-Wednesday) each two sessions of 90 minutes with a 10-minute break between sessions

Private courses:

The private conversation and IELTS classes of the school are held online and externally.

In external classes, it is possible for the class meeting to be held in the presence of the teacher at the desired location of the language learner (home, workplace, etc.).

Advantages of private classes:

1 Having the right to choose the hours and days of the class (according to the student’s choice)
2) The possibility of canceling the class without losing the session up to 2 times per semester
3) benefit from special support (online)

At Homa Language Institute, all IELTS exam preparation classes are held only in this way, that is, privately.

Benefits of participating in Homa school courses

1) Free level test

Each learner will have a free counseling session before choosing an educational package to identify their needs and choose the best educational package while talking to the school counselor. Next, by determining the level, the learner gets a realistic understanding of his level of language knowledge.

2) Educational assistant
Depending on the level of the class, the students of Homa School benefit from the advantage of having a teaching assistant who is responsible for monitoring the students’ educational process every 2 to 4 sessions continuously until the end of the course. In the Homa collection, language teaching is the center of cooperation. The existence of a companion is a strength of heart for language learners, and in a friendly atmosphere by creating a superior educational environment, the training is carried out at the highest possible level. The co-centeredness of the trainings of our collection has been welcomed by the students due to its uniqueness and obtaining the desired result and has distinguished our educational system from others.

3) The ability to participate in improved online classes
Ever since the online education system became widespread, online classes have always faced certain challenges. Considering all these issues and using a suitable platform, we not only solved this problem, but also introduced the online education method to our clients. We have become a very effective and popular method. Online classes have given the institution the opportunity to benefit from the presence of the best and most experienced professors, that is, professors who live abroad or in cities.

4) Experienced professors
Learning English by the best professors in the field of language education in the country or abroad. All the English language teachers in the youth and adult department of Homa School have domestic and international certificates of teaching skills.

5) Step-by-step and detailed monitoring
In addition to the teaching assistant who supervises the educational process of language learners, the supervisor of the complex also has continuous supervision over classes, teaching, professors’ performance, learning of language learners and the overall process of education.

6) Holding group classes with a limited number of learners
The classes of our school are held in two ways, private and group, and the capacity of our group classes is usually held in the most crowded state with 8 language learners in one class, which this limitation has had a positive effect on the learning efficiency of language learners.

Educational objectives at different levels of conversation courses

1- Say basic sentences or phrases related to numbers, nationalities, family, jobs, travel, clothes, etc. and ask questions about this topic.

2- Use specifics such as age, possessive pronouns, and frequently used verbs about yourself and others, and make news, negative, and question sentences using simple present, present continuous, and simple past tenses.

3- Reserve a table in the restaurant.

4- Talk about your daily activities.

5- Talk about meals and what foods people in your country eat.

6- Make a sentence about your abilities.

7- Specify the date and time.

Rules and FAQs

no Regardless of your language knowledge and background, participation in the placement test is mandatory.

After coordinating the time with the administrative staff of the school, determining the level in the form of an oral interview by
The school supervisor will do it.

This book is written based on the American accent, but in parts of its lessons, words and pronunciations are used
British is also mentioned

At the end of each semester, a written test as well as an oral test will be taken from all students.
The owner of the students’ acceptance is the score they get in the test.

At the end of each semester, a written test as well as an oral test will be taken from all students.
Obtaining a score of 75 out of 100 means acceptance and promotion to the next semester.

Yes. The focus of Homa language school classes is conversation and strengthening verbal communication skills.

In term courses, each language learner can have 3 excused absences in each semester.

At the end of level 3 of this book, you can participate in the preparatory classes for the IELTS exam.

no Homa Language School replaces the mid-semester exam with the presence of teaching assistants and continuous supervision of the professors on the students’ educational process, and holds a final exam only after the completion of the course.

no If you coordinate with the supervisor, you can specify another time for the test.

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