gre exam

The GRE test is a standard test for people who intend to study abroad and must pass this test to prove their skills.

gre exam, all the tips you need to know about this exam!
The GRE test is one of the famous and reliable tests to determine the academic level of people who intend to study abroad. This test is held in different stages, which we will talk about in full in this section. So stay with us until the end.

What is the gre test?
The GRE test is one of the most famous standard tests for entering study programs in foreign and domestic universities. GRE is actually an abbreviation of Graduate Record Examinations and is administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service).
If we want to talk about this test in general, it should be said that the GRE test is presented in two general ways:
·        GRE General
The GRE General exam examines candidates’ general skills to enter academic programs. This test includes Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing sections.
·        GRE Subject
The GRE Subject test is designed to check candidates’ expertise in specific areas such as biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, etc.
Usually, candidates who intend to study in the world’s top universities need to pass the GRE test to enter various study programs, including management, science, engineering, and international relations.

Conditions for participating in the GRE exam
The conditions for taking the GRE test are the same for everyone and there are no restrictions. Anyone can take the GRE test, without having any special education or expertise.
Some universities may have special conditions for acceptance into their study programs, but these conditions are not related to the GRE test and are more related to the candidate’s academic background and work experience.
In any case, to participate in the GRE test, you must first go to the ETS website and register. Also, to take the GRE test, you need to pay the relevant fee, which you can pay from the ETS website or through accredited educational centers.
Preparations before the GRE exam
Preparations before the GRE exam include:
·       Considering that the GRE test includes different sections such as the Verbal section, the Quantitative section and the Analytical Writing section, you should familiarize yourself with the structure and evaluation method of each of these sections.
·        To prepare for the GRE test, you need to get the right study resources. GRE study resources can include textbooks, online resources, and courses.
·        Participating in training courses can help you to get familiar with the structure of the exam and improve the methods of studying and solving questions.
·        To improve your performance on the GRE test, you must constantly practice and solve the test questions and tests.
·        Before the test day, it is better to try the simulated GRE test at least once to familiarize yourself with the test process and ensure your performance on the test.

What people usually participate in the GRE exam?
A variety of people can take the GRE test, but most are people who intend to pursue higher education, especially in fields such as basic science, engineering, management, economics, psychology, and law. Also, people who are looking for a job in the field of research, consulting or teaching can also take the GRE test. To participate in the GRE test, it is not necessary to have a specific educational qualification and anyone can participate in this test.

The validity period of the GRE exam
The validity period of the GRE test is different for different degrees. For the General GRE test, the test results are valid for 5 years, so if you plan to continue your studies in different courses such as master’s, doctorate or MBA, you can use the result obtained in the General GRE test.
But for the specialized GRE test (Subject GRE), which is required to enter some special fields in American universities, the validity period of the test result certificate is only 2 years. As a result, to enter the study courses in fields such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, you must take the specialized GRE test at the right time before the deadline for the validity of its results.

In conclusion, it should be said…
In this section, we tried to talk about the GRE exam and the important points that you should know before taking this exam.
It should be noted that we in the Homa team will help you to be one step ahead and successfully pass the exam by holding language and university exam preparation classes.
In these classes, you will be taught tips that you will definitely face during the exam! But this time the key to success is in your hands.

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آزمون آیمت ایتالیا

اگر قصد تحصیل پزشکی به زبان انگلیسی در کشور ایتالیا را دارید، باید در آزمون آیمت (IMAT) شرکت کنید. آزمون آیمت ایتالیا، راه ورود به دانشگاه‌های پزشکی این کشور است. در این بخش، با آزمون آیمت ایتالیا آشنا می‌شویم و راهنمایی کاملی را برای داوطلبان ارائه می‌دهیم.

آزمون تومر در ترکیه و هر آنچه باید در مورد این آزمون بدانید

آزمون‌های تومر (TOMER) در ترکیه یکی از مهم‌ترین و اساسی‌ترین مراحل در پیشرفت تحصیلات تخصصی یا حرفه‌ای در این کشور می‌باشد. برای آمادگی و قبولی در این آزمون با کارشناسان حرفه‌ای موسسه آموزشی و مهاجرتی هما تماس حاصل فرمایید.

gre exam

The GRE test is a standard test for people who intend to study abroad and must pass this test to prove their skills.