Obtaining academic admission

Getting admission from foreign universities is a time-consuming and complicated process. We specialize in this field. By submitting the suggested documents and our support, you will be accepted in the shortest possible time.

Studying abroad is definitely one of the attractive dreams for many people, which can lead to success and many improvements for them. But one of the most difficult parts of this path is the process of obtaining academic admission and applying for different universities.

A process that may be long-term and disappoint you in the middle of the way, or because you do not have enough information and skills in this field, it may not bring you to the desired result.

Before anything, you should know that it is necessary for you to have information and collect some required documents to make this path smoother for you.

In this section, we are going to guide you to achieve a better result for obtaining academic admission. So if you want to realize your sweet dream as soon as possible, stay with us until the end of the article.
Study visa, the beginning of your path to success

Before going to the main topics, it is better to have a brief explanation on the concept of study visa:

A student visa is a type of immigration visa that allows people to enter that country to study in a foreign country. This visa is for students and its main purpose is to create conditions for different people to be able to study in universities. Foreign and international students should study according to the latest possible education.

Many foreign countries and universities offer study visas for international students. Each country has its own conditions and requirements for obtaining this visa, including financial, educational and educational conditions and…
Steps to obtain academic admission

Perhaps one of the most sensitive and difficult things you have to do for a student visa is going through the steps you have to go through. In the following, we have tried to briefly explain the steps of obtaining academic admission:

1. Choosing a field and university: First, you must choose the field and university you want to study.

2. Collecting documents: To obtain admission, you must collect the necessary documents such as educational certificates, language certificates, resumes, letters of recommendation, etc. and then translate them.

3. Completing the application form: After collecting the documents, you must complete the application form and send it to the university along with your documents.

4. Evaluation of documents and review of interview: After receiving your application form and documents, the university can review and evaluate the documents and interview you if necessary.

5. Issuance of academic acceptance: If accepted, the university will issue its academic acceptance to you, which is considered as one of the main steps for obtaining an academic visa. Finally, after receiving the study admission, you can go to the embassy or consulate of your destination country to obtain a study visa and go through the necessary steps to obtain a visa.
Conditions for academic admission

Admission requirements for each university and country may be different, but some general conditions include the following:

1. Presentation of educational documents: To obtain admission, you must provide the required educational documents. These documents can include diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate.

2. Providing language skills: Some universities and countries require language tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, etc. In these tests, you have to prove your language skills to the university.

3. Submitting a letter of recommendation: Some universities and countries request letters of recommendation from professors and administrators who have worked with you.

4. Submit your resume: Your resume should also include information about your education, work experience, and other activities.

5. Interview: Some universities and countries may want to interview you to get to know you better and to get more information about your abilities and needs. In general, you should check the specific conditions of the university and the country where you want to study. and collect all the required documents.
The cost of admission and continuing education abroad

Admission fees and continuing education abroad vary depending on the country and university where you study. The following fees are some of the general fees that you must pay in the process of obtaining admission and continuing education:

1. Language test fee: If your desired university requires a language test such as TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, etc., you must pay for this test.

2. Cost of sending documents: To get admission, you may want to send your documents to the university. Depending on the shipping method and destination country, you will pay different fees.

3. Tuition fees: Tuition fees may vary for each university and country. The cost of education includes tuition, housing, living expenses and other expenses related to your education.

4. Visa fee: Depending on the country you want to study in, you need to pay the necessary visa fee.

5. Insurance cost: Some universities may require certain insurances to enter the university and continue studying, for which you have to pay the related costs.


The costs of obtaining admission and continuing your studies abroad depend on the country and the university where you study. But there is cause for concern!

We are here and with years of experience and expertise in this field, we can turn the admission process into a sweet and lovely path for you. It doesn’t matter if you plan to immigrate to Turkey, Germany, Italy, etc., the Homa team will be by your side on this path, and in addition, we will answer all your questions in this field in the best possible way.

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Obtaining academic admission

Getting admission from foreign universities is a time-consuming and complicated process. We specialize in this field. By submitting the suggested documents and our support, you will be accepted in the shortest possible time.

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