Roden University (University of Friendship of Nations) Moscow

This university is an international university. It has good facilities, including high-ranking facilities and necessary medical laboratories, mollages, corpses for dissection, facilities such as dormitories, swimming pools, and good surroundings. This university has the highest tuition fees in Russia (8-9 thousand dollars per year). There is no entrance exam, and according to the level of grades, you will be able to register after uploading the documents on the university website and passing the test. This university is not approved by the Ministry of Health of Iran.

Introduction of Roden University of Russia; Everything about this university

If you are planning to study in Russia and you are looking for the best study destination in this country, you have probably heard the name of Roden University. Roden University, also known as the Friendship University of Nations, is one of the most famous and largest universities in Russia. This university was established in 1960 and is located in Moscow, the capital of Russia. In this article, we are going to talk about this university and its admission conditions and facilities. So if you want to know more about this university, stay with us until the end of the article.

Roden University; The largest research university in Russia

First of all, it should be said that Roden University is known as the largest scientific and research university in Russia, which accepts many domestic and international students every year. Currently and in 2023, Roden University has more than 4500 students from more than 140 different countries, which offers various facilities and services that we will talk about in the following sections.

Advantages of studying at Roden University; From housing to student scholarships

If you plan to study at Roden University, you should know that you will benefit from many facilities that you may not have access to in other universities. We will mention some options below.

1. Roden University allows its students to learn foreign languages, including English, French, Spanish and other languages.

Through scholarships, facilities and financial aid, Roden University helps students to finance their education and living expenses.

3. Rodan University provides housing facilities for students so that they can have comfortable conditions and academic life. For example, by providing dormitories and student suites around the university, it makes commuting and life easier for students.

As a last point, it should be said that Roden University provides its students with the opportunity and resources to develop entrepreneurship and cooperate with the industry and the labor market so that they can easily enter the labor market after completing their studies.
Admission requirements at Roden University in Russia

Like all Russian universities, the admission requirements at Roden University will be different based on your chosen field and level of study, and you may need certain documents and conditions.

In the following, we will explain the general admission requirements for Roden University, but you should keep in mind that this information is for 2023 and may change in the future.

Admission to the undergraduate level

1. Presentation of a high school diploma equivalent to a Russian high school diploma in translated form

2. Providing an official language certificate, such as an IELTS or TOEFL certificate (usually the language level required for English is at least 6.0 in IELTS or equivalent).

Master’s degree

1. Presenting a bachelor’s degree equivalent to a Russian bachelor’s degree.

2. Providing a valid language certificate


1. Presenting a master’s degree

2. Presenting a research proposal and proposing a research topic.

3. Relevant work experience if needed.

4. Providing a valid language certificate

It should be noted that this university is one of the most expensive universities in Russia due to its excellent facilities and services, and the tuition fee in this university is 8 to 9 thousand dollars annually.

Facilities of Roden Russian University

As we mentioned earlier, Rodan University has various facilities and services that will make the study and living conditions easier for students. We will mention some of these facilities in the following.

1. Rodan University has the largest research centers and advanced laboratories in various fields. These centers give students opportunities to participate in research projects and gain practical experience in the field of scientific research, and of course they can pass their practical units in the best possible way.

2. The sports facilities of this university cannot be ignored, which include sports halls, sports fields, swimming pools, etc. Students can use these facilities for recreation, health and participation in sports.

In conclusion, it should be said…

In this section, we tried to talk about Roden University in Russia in a very simple but practical way. If you intend to study in Russia, this university will probably be one of the best study destinations for you. If you have any questions about admission or study conditions in this country, just contact the Homa team.

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