Saint Petersburg National University

This university teaches only in Russian language and has strict education. There is no entrance exam, diplomas, motivation letter and proof of education are required for registration. It is Russian.

About St. Petersburg National University + study conditions and facilities

Russia is one of the best countries for people who intend to study abroad and want to step on a successful path. This country has wonderful universities with high educational facilities, and one of these universities is the National University of Saint Petersburg, or the University of Saint Petersburg, which we are going to introduce in this article and the conditions of studying in this university. So stay with us until the end of the article.

Introducing the University of Saint Petersburg, the most popular university in Russia

Saint Petersburg University is one of the most famous and oldest universities in Russia. This university was founded in 1724 and has been operating for more than 300 years.

Saint Petersburg National University is considered one of the top centers of higher education and study in Russia and offers some of the most famous and popular fields of study in the fields of humanities, basic sciences and engineering, and arts. This university has more than 300 fields of study at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

What courses are taught at St. Petersburg University?

Among the famous educational fields in St. Petersburg National University are engineering, mathematical sciences, physics, chemistry, psychology, economics, philosophy, fine arts and literature. Also, St. Petersburg National University has a dynamic and suitable study environment for students, and they can access the best resources and facilities in terms of educational and research equipment.

It should also be added that St. Petersburg National University students can participate in programs such as international workshops, seminars, and international conferences and have opportunities to conduct world-class research projects in collaboration with other universities and research institutes.

The condition of entering the National University of San Presbog

To enter St. Petersburg National University and get admission from this university, you must go through the following steps and submit some of the documents that are mentioned below.

Of course, as a point, it should be added that one of the best advantages of studying at St. Petersburg University is that you do not need to take the university entrance exam, but you should know that after choosing and getting admission from this university, with strict training You will face it, so you need to do your best to achieve success.

1. Presentation of a language certificate: to get admission from this university, it is necessary that you have a language certificate at the A2 level of Russian. Also keep in mind that education at this university is only in Russian.

2. Completing the documents and submitting the registration documents: After being accepted in the desired field, you must complete the required documents, including the diploma, motivation letter, and letter of recommendation, and submit them to the university.

3. Tuition payment: After completing the documents, you must pay the tuition to the university. The amount of tuition varies depending on the field of study, level of study and your status (domestic or foreign volunteer).

4. Registration and start of education: After paying the tuition fee and verifying the documents, you will be registered as an official student at St. Petersburg National University and you can start your studies at this university.

In conclusion, it should be said…

Due to the various facilities and the excellent education system offered at Saint Petersburg National University, this university has many attractions for international students. The dynamic educational environment, the staff of experienced and experienced professors, high research resources and equipment, and the cultural and historical environment of the city of St. Petersburg, allow students to study in an exceptional and inspiring academic environment.

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