Introducing Beacont University, from history to admission requirements

Turkey has made significant progress in terms of education in the past years, and its universities have developed in many ways and become a wonderful place for education and training!

Turkey has made significant progress in terms of education in the past years, and its universities have developed in many ways and become a wonderful place for education and training!

One of the relatively young but extremely successful universities in this country is Beknet University, which has a brilliant resume in its short period of activity. If you also want to know about Beaknet University, the conditions of admission and entry into this university and its history and activities, stay with us until the end of the article.

Beknet University, a university for transformation and the beginning of progress

Bogazici University is one of the top graduate universities in Turkey. This university was established in 1971 and has two departments of science and engineering, and humanities and social sciences.

Most of the courses in Istanbul Beycont University are taught in English and on average more than 2000 students from 80 different countries are studying in this university. Beaknet University has more than 2,800 professors and administrative staff, and 12,000 have graduated from this university so far.

Istanbul Beycont University is a successful university for studying in many popular fields in the world, and the students of this university have conditions close to the world’s successful universities such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS.

History of Beacont University, a young but successful university

Istanbul Beycon University is one of the youngest universities in Turkey, which was founded in 1971 by the Turkish Institute of Postgraduate Education and Scientific Research called TÜBİTAK.

In fact, the main goal of establishing Beknet University was the development of postgraduate education and scientific research in Turkey. The name of Beknet University is taken from the name of a neighborhood in Bishkek district of Istanbul, which is known as one of the westernmost parts of Istanbul.

At the beginning of the establishment of the university, two faculties of science and engineering and humanities and social sciences were formed, but this was not the whole story, and over the years, by adding different departments, this university became one of the top graduate universities in Turkey.

Among the honors of Istanbul Beycont University is holding the Greekistan conference to promote economic and cultural cooperation between the analyzed countries in 2004 and hosting international students for educational workshops in 2011 and 2012.

Beacont University exact location

Istanbul Beycont University is located in Istanbul, although the locations of its different faculties are different. The main location of the university is located in Besiktas district, but some of its faculties are located in other areas of the city. Beside all these things, Istanbul Beikont University is located in a beautiful and green environment and has advanced equipment for teaching and research. In general, Istanbul Beycont University is one of the best post-graduate universities in Turkey and the region, and in addition to all the wonderful educational facilities it has, due to its complete welfare facilities, people are very interested in studying there. .

Admission requirements at Beknet University

Admission requirements at Istanbul Beycont University are different based on your level of education, degree and specialization. In the following, you can find information about the admission requirements for domestic and foreign students at Istanbul Beykont University:

Admission requirements for domestic students

Domestic and resident students of Turkey must participate in the general exam held by the Education Assessment Center and get a passing grade to enter the various levels of study at this university (bachelor, master and doctorate).

Of course, as a point, it should be added that the conditions for each field are different to enter specialized doctorate courses, so it is better to visit the university’s website to get more information.

Conditions for admission of foreign students

In order to enter Istanbul Beycont University, foreign students must send their diploma along with a valid translation, passport scan and other required documents to the university’s admissions office.

Istanbul Beikont University uses TOEFL and IELTS language level tests for the admission of foreign students, and the minimum score required for admission to each level of study may be different.

For master’s and doctoral degrees, in addition to the language level test score, students must submit the documents required for admission to the university as well as their academic background.

Also, foreign students may need to provide letters of recommendation from professors or research centers for admission to some courses. In addition to that, for admission to some study courses at Istanbul Beycont University, work experience related to the desired field of study is also required.

Introducing the fields of Beknet University

As you have noticed so far, Beaknet University is a large and successful university and many courses are taught in this university. Istanbul Beycont University has 13 faculties and more than 70 fields of study at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. In the following, we have listed some of the popular fields of study available at Beaknet University for you:

Industrial Engineering
Computer engineering major
electrical engineering field
Mechanical engineering field
Civil engineering field
Industrial design field
course management
Accounting Course
Business major
Department of literature and languages
Political science and international relations

Of course, it should be added that these are only a few examples of the fields of study at Becont University, and most of the fields of study are related to engineering, humanities, and management. For more information about the fields of study available in B

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